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Simple Juno Ring


For all Mothers, Sister, Queens, Maidens and Wise, Wild Women

Juno ring in 14k yellow gold is a sacred symbol of the divine feminine inner strength and light.

Juno was the Goddess of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. She was the Queen of the Gods and was an embodiment of the traditional female roles of wife and mother. One of her titles was Lucino (meaning light) as she helped to bring children into the light of this world at birth. She was also said to set and strengthen child's bones. She was also Goddess of conception, a Goddess to be called upon in labor and one who helped settle disagreements between spouses.

Juno’s Archetype is The Queen 

Using her benevolent authority to protect others. This Archetype can signify the power of women who rule over anything from the office to the home environment.

Juno’s themes are femininity, love, relationships, romance, kinship, time, protection (women and children) and leadership. The supreme Goddess of the Roman pantheon, Juno offers a helping hand in every aspect of our relationships, especially the safety and happiness of women and children in those settings. Juno is also a very modern minded Goddess, taking an active role in public life and finances. Beyond this, She rules women’s cycles, giving Her connections with the moon. Art depicts Juno always wearing majestic clothing befitting the ‘Queen of Heaven.’

Juno is also responsible for the pairing of soulmates, and her feminine hands are behind every sacred union.


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