Every piece is hand-carved and made WITH LOVE


Introducing: The Redemption Collection

Why is it that we say, “I’m so sorry,” when the women in our lives share that they’re going through a divorce or ending a relationship? 

The story we’re told is that a breakup is all negativity and loss. For women especially, the story is that her life is over. This conclusion makes sense in a world that still tells us that a woman cannot be safe or whole or happy without a man. 

Saying “I’m so sorry” is to fall in line with this assumption. It’s to imply that a woman couldn’t have made this choice for herself, and instead, that it was a tragedy that befell her and made her sad and alone.

But for many women, myself included, the decision to end a relationship is an incredibly empowering one. It’s the beginning of the most fulfilling chapter of our lives.  

This is borne out on a global scale: Women initiate 69% of divorces. Women are making this choice deliberately. We are not victims of divorce. No, there’s something powerful and active going on here. 

It’s time we had a new story for breakups to write over the old one: A story of reclamation and redemption. 

The idea for the Redemption Collection was first sparked after a friend ended her engagement and her fiance asked for her engagement ring back. Her new life on her own was a welcomed chapter for her - a chapter she felt should be marked by a sacred commemoration, not by something taken away, an empty finger. Thus, the first Redemption ring came into being. 

Similarly, my journey to embodying my full worth began when I started to feel the pull to leave my decades-long marriage. I couldn’t know it then, but I had been living for far too long in my shadow self: insecure, shy, scared to stand on my own. 

In my marriage, I had found myself unsure of what I wanted in life, terrified of success, disconnected from my body, and finding bland comfort in letting myself be taken care of. This led me to live a much smaller, less fulfilling life than I knew I was meant for. 

Leaving my daughters’ father was one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. But in the end, it’s how I learned to trust the power of my intuition and carve out a life of healing, joy, and creative fulfillment. Without the courage to leave, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And Lena Zaric Jewelry would not exist. 

So when I was going through my divorce and people would say, “I’m so sorry,” I wanted to say, “This is the real beginning, not the end; you should be enthralled for me, not sorry.” 

A ring given to myself as a symbol of commitment to my truth would have been a way for me to rebel against the story other people were writing about my divorce. This is why I created this collection: To give other women a symbol of self-trust during a tumultuous time.

The Redemption Collection is meant to honor your reclamation of yourself as a complete human outside of your relationship. Made from 14-karat gold, salt-and-pepper rustic diamonds, and precious stones, Redemption Collection pieces are reminders to say to yourself... 

I am not broken.

 I am lovable. 

I am enough.

I am reclaiming my higher self.

 There is incredible beauty and strength in this journey, in rediscovering what’s possible for you.

If there’s one thing I want every woman who wears a Redemption piece to know, it’s this: 

It takes courage to step out of what’s comfortable, and step into the light. I see you, and I celebrate you. 

The Redemption Collection was made in collaboration with my friend Meghan Incorvaia, the founder of Rise Photo Co. and a fellow alchemist for the divine feminist soul.  

If you or a woman in your life resonate with these experiences, I invite you to explore the Redemption Collection.