Every piece is hand-carved and made WITH LOVE

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2020 is coming to an end! 
Can you feel the shift, the clearings, the new portals opening?
What a year this has been… And we’re still going!  What a gift this life is. 
Even in the heartache, even in the… everything.
I wanted to share a story that inspired my jewelry calling. It is truly a miracle, Heaven on Earth
Four years ago exactly, in December 2016, I lost a family heirloom. I lost my grandmother’s ring that I wore on my index finger for 14 years, without EVER taking it off. That ring was very special - 22k yellow gold, Austro-Hungarian coin that was forged into a ring. What makes it even more special is that her lover, a jeweler, gave it to her as a gift. He engraved her initials “AK” on the face-side of the coin. After her death I inherited the ring and wore it as a symbol of my mother’s lineage and my female ancestry. 
At the time when I lost the ring I had this visceral knowing to work on my female lineage and to clear it. I wanted to do the work for myself, my daughters and all the women who came before me and for those who will come after me.
The ring mysteriously slipped off my finger and vanished into thin air. I’ve panicked, cried for days and mourned even longer. Soon after I’ve commissioned a similar ring to be made by a jeweler. However, to my bewilderment, he did a very poor job. Disappointed and frustrated I decided to take jewelry classes and make the same ring. 
Now, four years later, on this New Moon Solar Eclipse I found the ring at the bottom of an Ayurvedic massage oil! It was waiting for me there, preserved in the oils and herbs. “How did it end up there?”, you will ask. Well, I don’t know. Some things are never to be explained! Miracles do happen when we open our hearts to the vastness of Love. What’s so magical about this experience is that after four hard years I’ve come to a deeper knowing of what I want to create and how to move forward in my integrity. 
Perhaps that’s why the ring came back to me.
I am in awe of my process and so humbled by the divine grace and the magic of the Cosmic dance.