Every piece is hand-carved and made WITH LOVE


“Each piece represents something for me: an emotion, a transition, a pause in beauty…Lena Zaric is someone I have known and journeyed with through life’s winding roads. She is indeed a channeler of such exquisite energy. When I found out she was making jewelry I knew I would own a piece because I trusted her implicitly. That her precious designs would carry the archetype love. Made with love and to be worn with love. I have 2 pieces of jewelry by Lena and I know they are not my last pieces. There is an energy about them that I can align with and a beauty that causes you to pause."
"Not only are the pieces stunning works of art, but the impact Lena is making on the world with her philanthropic mission is also a beautiful part of this incredible brand. You can feel parts Lena's heart woven into each design and decision to make a difference"
- Jenna
“Personalized, natural, and heartfelt basis of protection…”
 I think that as a man, I have a tendency to look for pieces that have a little bit more masculine tendency to them and that for me is size…. This piece was just big enough and I asked [Lena] to make it bigger, and she did! …
I like having it near my spiritual heart, in the center of my chest. It's like a reminder to keep that connection to my heart.
“It's so soft on the inside, and it just requires no effort to wear, which I love….” 
I was instantly drawn to this ring because I loved the color. It’s this soft yellow gold and it's very fluid, and it goes great together with really, any other jewelry as well, but it's dainty enough that it's not too offensive. And I really like wearing it. It's funny because I usually take off all my jewelry at night…. This piece was the only piece that I sometimes just leave on without really knowing, because there aren’t any rough corners, and it just feels really nice to wear.
“Lena’s jewelry is incredibly special and sacred...”
 The intention set in creating each piece is a gift and a blessing.
I have a ring Lena crafted and it brings me great joy
and a feeling of connection to an abundant Source.
"The organic movement is intriguing..."
Lena’s pieces exude grace and strength.
I have couple pieces of Lena’s bespoke jewelry
and each has their unique personality.
The organic movement is intriguing - the way gold dances with the gem stone, highlighting not only their beauty, but also how it flows in my hand
and becoming a part of me.