Every piece is hand-carved and made WITH LOVE


Lena Zaric Jewelry embodies three vital elements


We believe in creating jewelry that serves a purpose beyond function and form. Lena
Zaric pieces are designed to inspire you to stand strong in your own becoming.


Soft curves inspired by nature allow our pieces to harmonize with your body, free-
ing you to adventure, travel, and even sleep with them on.


To meditate is to draw on ancient philosophies and spiritual traditions to discover
your past, present, and path forward. Lena Zaric pieces represent a quiet sanctuary, a reminder of your values.

Purchase with Purpose

Lena is dedicated to raising aWEARness with jewelry designed to craft change
aWEARness ; to be adorned with realization and knowledge of self and of our global community 
Lena is a true citizen of the world who knows in her heart there is so much more that can be done to heal our planet. She believes we must care for each other globally, and that deep care starts from within. Each piece of Lena’s hand-crafted jewelry is designed to heal the wearer and the world, from initial concept to everyday wear.