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Isis Ring


Isis Ring ✨

Isis is a goddess who is a totally timeless expression of the Divine Feminine. Devoted to empowering others, Isis supports the awakening of humanity as we head into a new paradigm of Being. She brings value and respect to the roles of wife and mother, is the patron of magic, nature, and healing.

Isis reconnects us with our innate healing powers. She supports everyone’s quest to reclaim their individual power and take responsibility for their healing journey. She shows us our ability to heal ourselves and to heal others. Isis can help to awaken your healing abilities and healing intuition, your ability to communicate with the physical body and to intuit any needs you may have for healing. She empowers you to use the healing power of love and gratitude and to raise the energy level of the physical body by connecting to Source.

Everything Isis does is done with great power and intention. Her grief over the death of her husband Osiris was so great that it was said her tears of sorrow caused the Nile to flood. Isis is actually one of a very few deities that have wings in Egyptian mythology, which in her case may represent the wind. In the Osiris legend it is said that Isis wailed and moaned like the wind. These days, we often conceal our grief, and are expected back at work the day after a funeral. We have forgotten how to mourn, how to honor the process of grieving. Isis reminds us that grief is a powerful part of our experience in life and should not be repressed. Grief that is not expressed can eventually become physical illness.

She is a symbol of the return of the Divine Feminine. Isis embodies the strengths of the feminine, the capacity to feel deeply about relationships, and the source of sustenance and protection.

This ring is One of a Kind ✨

Salt and Pepper 1.47cw diamond surrounded by 25 1mm black diamonds.

Custom sizing available between 4-8

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